About Vancouver Korean Dance Society (밴쿠버 한국 무용단)

Vancouver Korean Dance Society (VKDS), founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2003, aims to contribute to the Canadian mosaic by sharing the beauty of Korean cultural dance, through a variety of initiatives that include collaboration with other cultural artists and groups, participation in festivals, and the production of the annual Korean Dance Festival. Artistic Director Hye Seoung (Vivian) Chung, who has dedicated her life to mastering the art of Korean traditional dance, also studied contemporary dance in England. With her roots firmly planted in Canada, her choreography and productions are inspired by the expanse of the Canadian landscape, the dynamism of Canada's multicultural society, and the depth of Korean traditional dance. Since its inception, VKDS has been committed to community volunteerism; and has performed in senior homes, schools, municipal halls, and for a variety of benefit concerts.

Vivian Hye Seoung Chung   정 혜 승
(Artistic Director, Vancouver Korean Dance Society)
(밴쿠버 한국 무용단 단장 및 예술 총감독)

Hye Seoung Chung has established herself as one of the leading figures in the Korean-Canadian cultural scene as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and founder of the Vancouver Korean Dance Society (incorporated in 2003) since 1996. A dancer for more than 30 years, she has been teaching young Canadians and creating new works that fuse traditional Korean and contemporary Canadian elements. She is a pioneer in paving a unique path in the multicultural Canadian dance history.

Hye Seoung Chung is a graduate of Kyung Hee University, majoring in Korean Traditional Dance, and a graduate of England London Contemporary Dance School. She has extensive dance experience worldwide, and has received prestigious awards including a recent 2005 Presidential Award of Cultural Excellence from President Roh, Moo-Hyun of South Korea.

- Korean dance assessor of Canada Council for the Arts
- Artistic Director of Vancouver Korean Dance Society
- Dance Instructor at Vancouver School Board
- Director of Korean Dance Association USA
- Director of Korean Heritage Society
- Awarded The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
- Awarded a spirit of Coquitlam city
- Presidential Award of Cultural Excellence form Roh, Moo
- Awarded an Order for Cultural Merit by Minister of the
  Department of Education of Korea
- Awarded an Olympics Order for Cultural Merit by Cultural
  Minister of Korea
- Completed England London Contemporary Dance School
- Completed Bak Bong Kim’s Dance Preservation
- Bachelor of Arts in Dance (Kyung Hee University)

- 경희대학교 무용학과 졸업
- 영국 런던 컨템포러리 무용학교 수료
- 김백봉 춤 보존회 이수 및 회원
- 밴쿠버 교육청 한국무용 강사 역임
- 현 캐나다 예술 위원회 무용 심사위원
- 현 미주 한국무용협회 이사
- 현 밴쿠버 한인 문화협회 이사
- 현 민주평통 서부협의회 문화분과 위원장
- 문교부장관 예술인 표창장 수상
- 문화체육부장관 올림픽 훈장 문화장 수상
- 대한매일신보 "국위선양으로 귀감되는 여성" 선정
- 2005 재외동포 포상 대통령 표창장 수상
- 2008 비씨주 복합문화부 장관상 수상
- 2009 캐나다 연방정부 문화 유산부 장관상 수상
- 2010 Spirit of Coquitlam City상 수상
- 2012 퀸엘리자베스 다이아몬드 쥬빌리 훈장 수상


Vancouver Korean Dance Society History of Performance

The Vancouver Korean Dance Society (VKDS), founded in 2003, is dedicated to perfecting the art of Korean Traditional Dance based on highly artistic and creative dancing. VKDS consists of professional dancers trained in Korean Traditional Dance and students who are studying under the masterful direction of Hye Seoung Chung, the founding Director of VKDS and a Director of Korean Dance Association, USA. VKDS has performed in various festivals in Canada and the United States

밴쿠버 한국무용단은 정혜승 단장을 주축으로 1996년에 창단되어 비영리 단체로서 캐나다 주류사회에 풍부한 한국전통 고유유산의 춤과 문화를 널리 소개하고 보급하고 있으며, 매년 한국전통 무용축제를 개최하여 캐나다 사회에서 보편화되지못한 우리나라 고유의 전통무용의 중요성과 전통성을 널리 알리고 있다.
또한 밴쿠버 한국무용단 단장 정혜승은 한국전통춤을 이곳 캐나다인의 관습과 문화에 맞게 안무하고, 또 그것을 무대에 올리는데 많은 노력을한 결과 캐나다 예술위원회 (Canada Council for the Art) 무용 심사위원으로 위촉을 받아 활동하고 있으며 또한 캐나다 문화유산부 (Canada Heritage), British Columbia 주정부와 Coquitlam City로 부터 인정을 받아 매년 한국전통 무용 축제를 후원받고있다.

- 2014 New Works  "Dance All Sorts Series" Dance Centre Festival
- 2014 Vancouver Lunar Festival
- 2013 Scandanavia Community Festival
- 2013 The 125th Stanley Park Festival
- 2013 The 12th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2013 Coquitlam Pavilion Festival
- 2013 City of Surrey Fusion Festival
- 2013 Vancouver Sunrise Summer Kickoff Festival
- 2013 City of Coquitlam Celebrates Canada Day Festival
- 2013 The 17th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2013 5th Annual Veterans Event at George Derby Centre
- 2013 CCM Multicultural Celebration
- 2013 Show TV Multicultural Festival
- 2013 Glen Pine Multicultural Celebration
- 2012 Canada Place Festival
- 2012 Taiwan Festival
- 2012 The 11th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2012 Surrey Fusion Festival
- 2012 Coquitlam Celebrates Canada Day Festival
- 2012 North Shore Folk Festival
- 2012 The 16th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2012 Explor Asian Festival
- 2012 Multicultural Spring Dance
- 2012 Scotia Bank Dance Festival
- 2011 Korean Culture Festiva
- 2011 3rd Annual Veterans Event at George Derby Centre
- 2011 The 10th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2011 Surrey Fusion Festival
- 2011 SFU Culture Explor Festival
- 2011 10th Annual Sunrise Summer Kick off Festival
- 2011 Coquitlam Celebrates Canada Day
- 2011 Korean Food Festival
- 2011 Richmond Koreaday Festival
- 2011 Soaring: the 15th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2011 Langara University Lunar Festival
- 2011 Vancouver Art Gallery Lunar Festival
- 2010 Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Festival
- 2010 The 9th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2010 Granville Island Art Art Festival
- 2010 City of Surrey Fusion Festival
- 2010 North Vancouver Folk Festival
- 2010 The Four Sasons: the 14th Annual Koren Dance Festival
- 2010 Olympic Games at Surrey Celebration
- 2010 Olympic Games at Vancouver Celebration
- 2010 Olympic Games at Coquitlam's Torch Relay Celebration
- 2009 PNE Festival
- 2009 World Police and Fire Games
- 2009 8th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2009 City of Surrey Fusion Festival
- 2009 City of Coquitlam Canada Day Festival
- 2009 Arirang Arario: 13th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2009 Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Lover's Ball
- 2009 Aberdeen New Year Festival
- 2009 LTC Lunar New Year Festival
- 2008 New westminster Festival
- 2008 PNE Festival
- 2008 7th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2008 Vancouver International Children's Day Festival
- 2008 The Silk Road 12th Annul Korean Dance Festival
- 2008 International Dance Day Festival
- 2008 City of Coquitlam Fundraising Performance
- 2008 Crimson Cabaret - Canada North Shore Women's Center
- 2008 LTC Lunar New Year Festival
- 2007 SOS Children's Village BC Fundraising performance
- 2007 City of Coquitlam Volunteers Appreciation Night
- 2007 PNE Festival
- 2007 6th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2007 "An Evening of Morning Calm": the 11th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2007 Scotiabank Dance Center Festival
- 2007 Korean Lunar New Year Festival
- 2006 New Works Dance All Sorts Series
- 2006 Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Festival
- 2006 In the House Festival (Vancouver)
- 2006 Langley International Festival
- 2006 5th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2006 10th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2006 NTDTV’S Chinese New Year Global Gala
- 2005 LA Dance Festival
- 2005 China Art Culture Centre Festival
- 2005 4th Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2005 9th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2005 Port Moody Art Festival
- 2004 Vancouver Spring Dance Festival
- 2004 Toronto Dance Festival
- 2004 3rd Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2004 8th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2004 Asian Heritage Month Festival Gala Opening
- 2004 Pitt Meadows Foundation Festival
- 2003 Celebrating 100 years Korean Immigration Korean Folk Dance Festival (L.A U.S.A)
- 2003 2nd Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2003 7th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2003 Coquitlam Public Library Asian Heritage Festival
- 2002 Autumn Moon Korean Dance Festival (Chan Centre)
- 2002 6th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2002 1st Annual Korean Heritage Day Festival
- 2002 Kaleidoscope Folk Dance Festival
- 2002 City of Coquitlam Multicultural Festival
- 2002 City of Burnaby Multicultural Festival
- 2002 Tri-City Asian Community Association Festival
- 2002 The 28th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival
- 2001 Food Bank Fundraising Festival
- 2001 5th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 2000 Millennium Festival
- 2000 4th Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 1999 Seattle Folk Life Festival
- 1999 3rd Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 1998 Canada Red Cross Fundraising Festival
- 1998 UN UNICEF Fundraising Festival
- 1998 2nd Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 1997 APEC Culture Festival
- 1997 Walk with the Dragon Festival
- 1997 Surrey Art Festival
- 1997 1st Annual Korean Dance Festival
- 1996 Surrey Art Festival